The Best VPN's for 2023

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I didn’t make the list. Just an FYI. But I agree with you about SurfShark. LOL

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ExpressVPN, although it doesn’t offer unlimited devices, should be in any top VPN list IMO. It is a fantastic VPN, a little higher cost and limited devices bring it down a bit, but the performance is spectacular.


How is the Android integration ? Does it have a Kill Switch ?

I think it may now. Before, I believe it was Windows only. It has been a little while since I went to SS, but it worked well for all of my Android devices and the speeds were screaming fast.

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Kill switch is flawless.

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Are you speaking of Express VPN ?

It’s my go to now since my SS issue. Kill switch does work. It’s killed my connection a couple times

I’ve tried them all. I use a few of those. Plus I’ve tried many many more on top of those. I’m currently trying PrivateVPN. I gear toward VPN’s that support Android TV OS. It does offer a kill switch and worked last night. My service kept spinning so I opened the PrivateVPN app and sure enough it was not connected. Having pretty good luck using it past couple of hours plus a bit last night

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I’m a VPNAholic and need help. LMAO I enjoy trying any and all to see if they are worth the reviews as well as what the company lists on their website for features etc due to the fact I’ve found sites misrepresenting what they advertise

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Check Goose VPN !!!

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That is one I have not looked at yet. Fill me in please

I fellow I met online thats from UK got me onto it. Has some neat features.

1.80 GPT = $3.01 CAD per month
108 GPT = $180.64
Thats is for 5 years of service.

Pretty Reasonable

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Have you used it on Android TV OS? What kind of features do they offer for the OS? Sure looks like they could use more servers

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I know, troy and his team update the vpn list all the time too.