The Best M3U File Playlists for Live Streams on Firestick, Android & More


This is the same link I just posted for you.

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These are the EPG urls for your playlist. Load as many as you need.


Yep it is, remember Matrix i’m the receiver not the sender.

Thanks Miki, but as Matrix said I had that one.

Ok then add as many epgs as you need. As I mentioned, each and every playlist I have has 24 EPGs enabled, and my lists have about 90% full EPGs.


I have a peripheral question hopefully it’s not too personal, how do you name your (12) playlists?

Do they just correspond to 12 different M3Us served up or do you create your own custom playlists each containing individual channels you curated together across all M3U urls?

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If I may jump in. In TiViMate you can name any playlist anything you want. So let’s say I have 4 U.S. playlists I downloaded and installed, I name them simply US1, US2, etc.


I get a 414 error when I click on this link. 414 is at least 13 times worse than a 403!