Texas Insiders - Be Beryl Safe

@TxRon and everyone in Beryl’s path, be safe. Beryl’s path looks to come directly over my house. We have family in Beaumont and going there. If you’ve never done this and decide to stay; you’re gonna lose power and probably water. Get your flashlight ready and fill your bathtubs with water. Mandatory evacuation issued for my county. Beryl expected to rip through Texas and continue through the Ohio Valley. Don’t be scared, be prepared!


Yes please stay safe. Don’t take chances. Be well everyone


That’s not too far of a move. I’m seeing lotsa lightning in that area right now.

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Yep, Beaumont could get 30-40 mph winds and 5" rain plus lightning. Piece of cake! Lol


Stay safe, and take care Everyone.


Live in Katy which is west of Houston. We had high winds and rain. Power out about 3:30 this morning and at 17:00 it came back on. No damage to our house, but others around Katy not so lucky. Many businesses had damage and won’t be able to open tomorrow.
Many areas towards the coast and I’m sure Beaumont have high water and street flooding.

Stay safe.

Thoughts and prayers from Ohio. Everyone stay safe!

Our Canadian thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Please keep your families safe.


Power just came back on at 6pm central…


Yes be safe Texas, in case of California and you Texas have to do another civil war movie together.

Beaumont where I am high and dry,never lost power. Can’t go home, roads are flooded for today. Sun is shining. Look out Little Rock then on to St. Louis. Good Riddance Beryl.


Stay safe everyone.