Testing Surfshark server speeds

I’ve heard Surfshark has a feature to test their server speed before you select one?
If this is true, where is it located in the app?


At the moment the speed test is only available on the Windows app.

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Thank you for your reply…

I hate SURFSHARK!!! Used to be a good product, but I honestly cannot say that at this point. I am tired of searching the Earth for a fast server connection for this VPN.
I remember one night I went through every server choice in the USA, and found 4 that were somewhat decent. Even using those are hit and miss, depending on the day and time you use them, they may or may not be what’s needed. Even though my subscription runs out September 2024, I’m through with SS…
1 GIG service, Mesh system, every room where I stream showing over 480 Mbps Wi-Fi Strength on Wi-Fi analyzer apps, and I get less than 15 Mbps on many occasions!!!
Are you freaking kidding me?
Looking for something new…
Sorry about my rant.

I just checked my SS SPEED. Last was 105 mbps. Now for some reason it’s 70mbps. They are not consistent. Without vpn 220