Tempest for K19.3

Is there a Tempest add on for the matrix version, i can only find it in the 18.9 one?

I’ve already done this and there is NO video add on for tempest , just the repo…!!

have you tried https://tempest0580.github.io/

Yes it’s the same web addresses as before…again no TEMPEST video player.

It works on leia 18.9 versions but not the matrix version.

I Tried installing it and you’re correct, there isn’t any tempest addon in this repo. So I went back to the official kodi blog and this is what I got, and I quote
" This addon is working with Kodi 18 Matrix ONLY!"

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So only works with 18 Lia.


When installing builds check to see if they are compatible with 18.9 or 19, that info cab be found out, also check troy for his updated kodi guides and builds.

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