TechDoctorUK Debloater Not Downloading

TechDoctorUK Debloater is not downloading through the Troypoint download page (Fire TV Stick 4K MAX). I can download all other apps there with no problem, but not the TechDoctorUK Debloater. Any ideas?

I just tried it (TROYPOINT Toolbox) and it downloaded and installed on my 4k Max using the " Downloader>Browser" with vpn on. Try again.

Error: No Connection

Only on the TDUK Debloater

I’ve tried adjusting Surfshark, no improvement.

So you used the downloader, clicked on the “Browser” on the top left and entered the link I gave? Hmm not sure why you can’t connect.

Yes, I have the Troypoint Toolbox URL saved in my Downloader Favorites. I can download everything else in the Toolbox, but not TDUK.

I get an Error: No Connection

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