Teatv requesting QR code via phone to access content

I have been using teatv on my mecoolKM2 box for some time but my access has been blocked by a request to verify that I am not a computer by using a QR code that has appeared on screen, has anyone else seen this, is it a hack attempt, canI get around it.
David from Oz

sound phishy to me :thinking:

My KM2 did the exact same thing with Stremio. I had to scan a QR code or go to a specific site and enter a code. I personally thought this was a new AndroidTV thing.

I have not been game to use my phone on this QR code, as many hacks are occuring here in Australia at the moment, I don’t know where to better info at the moment, so I will probably have to stop using Teatv until I can find out more, I tried uninstall and loading a previous version of Teatv but it still comes up.
Thanks for your replies

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