TeaTV has ongoing problems

For the past week, TeaTV has been giving me problems. No matter what link I use, whether debrid or not, it employs closed-captions, and you cannot turn it off. Another problem is that I hear a narrative on tv shows. I cannot turn it off as well. It is very annoying to not only see the closed-captions but then to have to listen to a 3rd party telling me what is going to happen next such as… they are now leaving the car and walking to the entrance. TeaTV will not let me clear the cache. I want to watch an episode again but it won’t let me.


I had the same problem last year it seems that something freezes in the app, and it was very annoying also couldn’t clear app cache I had to clear the data, and system cache, then configured again. Till finally working again.

But be careful if you clear the data you have to configure everything from settings again.

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