Teatv and live tv

I tried finding an answer about teatv, but didn’t see anything I wanted to do. I saw on the app there is a section to watch live tv but I needed to add a library. That’s where I didn’t know what to do? Do I need an iptv provider?


If you want live tv I suggest iptv provider.

There is live tv free options you can explore.


They have more knowledge it than I. There is a setup in the crew.

I would get a iptv player and try some free trails.

This an an old post but still relevant.

BTW this took me 15 seconds to find in a google search.


Thanks for the info as always
I did sign up with appollo as a trial but saw the expense for monthly was high. I have been looking for a new provider but I only want to pay by PayPal and not use a credit card


There is options for PayPal.

I recommend looking at the iptv shop and our websites they have PayPal options and payment methods posted.

Sorry that I didn’t find the right website for an answer, but thank you for those 15 seconds

Lol. I apologize if 15 seconds of my time was insufficient for your needs. You gave no information at all, so give me a minute as my crystal ball is warming up. The link I gave takes you exactly to a site where you read and instructions are in there to do what you want to do in TeaTV.

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