Tea Tv with Real-Debrid

Just sideloaded TEA TV and on my firestick 4K and connected my Real-debrid account.
As a test, I called up a tv show (current season) and got a lot of debrid sites 1080, 720,480 etc. They showed on my screen as an orange color hit. After that, every time try for a show, all the displayed hits are in white only. Does this mean its not finding debrid sites?
I went back to that same episode where I got the colored hits— now all white
I checked my settings and debrid still shows as connected.
Does Tea show debrid sites some color that is not white???

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I don’t use Tea TV, I use Kodi and addons with Real Debrid. Every Real Debrid link I have seen starts with RD, then the information. In my addons I can change the color to white if so desired. The links should still have RD to start the information of the specific links.


The TeaTV presets might show RD links in Orange. There may be an option in settings to change that colour if you have a preference. I always change mine to Gold in all apps. If you have not made any changes in settings, is it likely some other device in the household is viewing a RD link? I think there are restrictions on how many devices can be watching a RD link at the same time. So for instance, If there is an active RD link being viewed, you would only see free links returned in your search. There is a work around whereby RD will work on multiple devices in one location, but each device must be using the exact same IP Address.

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