Tea TV T player, no HW+ audio

As many have, recently move to Tea TV from Cinema HD.
Using Real Debris but the audio doesn’t play on built in T Player for good quality links. Does it need HW+ as I can only access HW and SW. Options??

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Following recent issues I had with Tea TV I now use Titan Player instead of T Player and up to now have had no more problems.

Thanks. I thought T player was the only option though, how do you get around that?

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Hey @Benno1969 I use MX Player Pro (from Troy’s RAI) for TeaTV & other movie players…works fine. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’ve had audio issues with MX player that I don’t have with VLC player on these apps. having said that, I don’t believe the latest version of TeaTV permits the use of an external player other than TPlayer.

I’m sure VLC is a fine player…lots of people seem to use it & like it…but MX Player Pro works fine for me on TeaTV version 10.4.1r…and…if there is a newer version, it doesn’t want to update to it…as I’ve tried several times, so I’m guessing what I’m using is the latest version…?

Coulda’ sworn I just went thru this on a different thread :thinking:

That’s my issue, can’t load anything but TPlayer

10.4.2r now. Just saw this this morning.

10-4…I’ll check it out…thnx :face_with_monocle:


Hey Mik…where did you go to see the 2r version of Tea? I’m on downloader at their site & it shows android 1r with release date of 4/28/22.

Nevermind…just went to Unlinked & saw 2r…kinda weird that they have it but the website doesn’t :thinking:

Ya I did the same thing.

Copy…well, I’m downloading it & will see if there are problems with MX working on this version. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Let us know how it goes. I usually have a link for the ad free but unfortunately the site I trust is having some issues. He’s working on it.

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Sometimes the site will have the previous version listed but when you download it, its the later version.

Copy sktn…1st place I tried was the Update in the app itself…nada…then to the TeaTV website…also nada…so just for grins, I thought I’d try Unlinked & it’s there…now my ??? is…why not the app or the app’s site? That’s just weird…but anyway…I’m now watching something on TeaTV latest version 2r & my MX Pro is working fine also…so, I’m not sure why you were having issues with MX & I’m not…but, if you’re using VLC & it’s working out for ya…then, problem solved & it’s all good. :+1: :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hi, where and what is unlinked? Thanks

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Unlinked is an app you can install from Troy’s RAI. You add libraries/codes that give you access to a few apps in various categories. Troy has “best unlinked codes” and you can add a bunch of libraries to have access to just about any APK you need.

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Thanks, appreciated Miki

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There is no option in settings to choose MX player or any video player on Tea Time. When I try to watch something, it made me install T Player. I downloaded app from site with Downloader. Maybe I need to get it from Unlinked? Can you tell me where you chose MX player?

OK @Sandy Let’s start fresh…Uninstall the TeaTV you have…then go to Unlinked store 96960000 & then scroll down to movies & download the Ad Free (AF) Lite TeaTV…middle one. After that…go to Troy’s RAI & download MX Pro player…once you’ve got the player downloaded it’ll show up when you click on external player for watching a link in TeaTV. :cowboy_hat_face: