TDUK’s AnyDesk Helper on Firestick 4K Max?

Not sure if this is allowed here, so delete if not, but anyone have success installing/running TDUK’s AnyDesk Helper on a Firestick?

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@TechDoctorUK i didn’t realize you were on here! I love your apps and videos. Do you know if your AnyDesk Helper app should still work with Fire OS (PS7255/2467 or PS7255/2465)?

I’ve tried installing it both the manual way of installing each app individually and I’ve tried using the updated helper that installs the anydesk app and plugin for you.

In all cases I get an error that my accessibility settings aren’t correct and while I AM ABLE to remotely VIEW my target devices, I am UNABLE to interact with them remotely using the AnyDesk iOS app on my phone.

My guess is that I have things too locked down using your debloat tool. I’ve basically turned off everything possible in your debloat app except a very select couple of services: what’s needed for Prime, voice layer, and screen casting.

I’ve had my devices this locked down for a long time and have no other issues, but now I’m wondering if I need to enable a service or two to get your Helper app to work?

Nope, that wasn’t it. @TechDoctorUK I tried unblocking every service using your debloat tool (just wasn’t connected to the Internet to avoid applying updates) and the Helper tool wasn’t able to apply the settings needed in the accessibility section we can’t reach to allow AnyDesk to work. I tried it by manual helper and the automated helper too. I tried the version of the plug-in on your site and the latest version from anydesk as well.

I’m stumped.

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I am having the exact same issue
Is there an update to the thread above?

I never got a single response here or on Twitter :tipping_hand_man:t2:

Edit: I’m adding some info for anyone that might come across this in the future. I never got AnyDesk + TDUK Helper to work FULLY and there are many other threads around that speak to the same. It seems to no longer be developed any longer by TDUK either, but BUT I do have it running on my parent’s fire sticks and I can VIEW their screen without them having to do anything and I still find that very helpful. I can now provide them tech support by watching what they are doing to their screen from my phone.

That’s probably because doing a search you will find a lot of information regarding the fact that many of these tools no longer work. Including the latest info that ADB access has been blocked for a lot of these apps.
Search Is Your Friend...!

When I originally posted this 8 months ago I had searched. My response last night was in response to someone reviving the thread. While at that time I had found other info pointing to AnyDesk not working, I believed the information I had was bringing something new to the table and the fact that my fire sticks are locked to a very old version of the OS might have separated my situation.

At any rate, in case anyone else comes across this, I do want to post that I still VERY much find AnyDesk and the TDUK Helper (at least the versions I have saved to my Dropbox) helpful. I cannot remotely CONTROL any fire sticks, but I can remotely VIEW them without the end user having to do anything. While that obviously sounds limited, it really helps when I’m giving tech support to my parents lol

In the past, they would have hold their phone facing their TV while doing a FaceTime call with me in one hand and use the remote with their other hand. Now, I can just remote into their fire stick and watch the screen while being on a regular audio call with them. I can tell them “click left once then down twice” etc., stuff like that and watch everything they are doing on my phone.

It has made life WAY EASIER! :grin:

Your latest post 6 hrs ago, saying I never got a single response here or on twitter was what the “use the search gif” was about and my response. There is so much info about the things you’re referring to that it’s to much to even post links. Not updating Firesticks, so that you don’t have some of the newer issues, is ok but eliminates security and added function updates. Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

Boomer11 asked if there was an update, I responded directly to him saying that I never got any response here NOR on tduk’s twitter page, which I think was appropriate, but I hear you.

Good point about the security issues when not updating the sticks. I use other layers of defense and see both the risk and impact of exploitation as low and therefore worth the trade off for the functionality of being able to force my custom launcher. I don’t keep up as much as I should to see if there’s been updates to the boot manager software, but I’m always hoping one comes out so that I can update to latest OS and still lock in my custom launcher with boot manager software. I know there was an updated hooking method a few months back, but it was clunky, but hopefully one day it’ll get fixed fully again. I’m slowly migrating onto Shields, but that’s expensive and taking a while lol

Thank you for all you do in these boards, @Miki, your answers have helped me many times! I hope I’m not coming off snarky or anything, honestly appreciative!

Oh hey you’re cool. I am always glad to see you posting and helping others. My post wasn’t a criticism but rather a reminder, not just for you, but for everyone including Boomer. I also hope you don’t take my comments as anything negative as I try my best not to come off that way, but sometimes it’s hard with txt. Have fun and STREAM ON!!! BTW I’m hoping to be able to afford the New BUZZ P6 green monster or barring that the Formuler Z11 pro max.