Would like to know how to install TDUK APP KILLER & CACHE CLEANER on Walmart Onn device???
I have paid for these apps and have them installed on Firesticks. Supposed to be “unlimited devices”, but I don’t know how to put them on Onn device without paying for apps again…

Thank you for your help.

Unlimited devices … on the same eco-system.

If you buy it on Google play, you can install it on as many Android TV devices as you like.

If you buy it on Amazon, you can install it on as many Amazon devices as you like.

Hope that clears the confusion.

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What if you have different usernames/logins on your devices, like 2 different Amazon account logins or 3 different Gmail accounts connected to all the different devices?
Say for example, I have 3 Firesticks and they all have different Amazon accounts on them. I purchased the app on one, but it gives a notice saying something like “You do not own this app” when trying to install on the 2 others.

The license is tied to the Amazon account so you need to be logged in as that account to download the app to that device. If you are logged in as the same Amazon account then you can install the app as many times as you like.

Wasn’t 100% sure on this. So it’s ultimately tied to the account you were logged in with at the time of purchase, not the eco-system itself.

There was some confusion about people with both Android and FireTV devices, would they have to purchase the same app twice. Sounds like you are clarifying that is true, you would have to purchase one time for Firesticks and one time for AndroidTV/Google eco systems.

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And if you have 3 Firesticks with 3 different Amazon logins on them, you’d have to purchase 3 times. I understand why, it’s just not very practical or feasible for me to do that.

Amazon, Apple and Google are 3 completely independent platforms and don’t share payment info.

If I purchase an app on my IPhone, I would never expect the same app to be free for me on my Android tablet as the eco system is different.

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You are correct but really considered an edge case. Majority of people will have 1 amazon account that they will be logged in to all of the Amazon devices in their household.

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So you’re saying I’m a minority? :grin: :joy: LOL, nothing new there.

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I have 4 Amazon accounts and 3 google ones. So we must be the odd ones out Shayde. But I suspect you already know we’re unique. :wink: :woozy_face:

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You betcha Miki! There’s often an advantage to taking the less traveled path. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the clarification…

What’s the difference with the paid version and the free version that you have?

About $2 bucks.

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Not sure the free version is still a thing anymore, but before it went premium you used a pin code each time of use.


Yeah, it’s still a thing. I just tested it (not that I really needed it). But tested with a PIN generated from his website, and it works just fine. As far as I can tell, the only difference in the paid version is not needing to generate a PIN.