Taylor Swift images on the super bowl

You should have made a bet how many times Taylor Swift shows up at the super bowl on TV.

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My idea of the perfect superbowl, is a toilet that cleans itself.


I think we’re up to nine times now.

Seeing Taylor Swift 13 times during the game.

This is where catch up comes in handy lol…delay the game so you can skip that crap :wink:

I missed 99% of the game. The Phoenix Open went into a 2-hole playoff when Nick Taylor (a Canuck) pulled off another spectacular finish to win the match.

By the time that match was over. It was already halftime for the Big Game. I watched a bit of the halftime program and went to bed.

Didn’t know who won until this morning and still don’t care. lol

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The winner was who followed the NFL narrative. Marketing and strengthening of the brand won.

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Friends and I counted between 11 & 12 times she was on the screen during the game. Frankly, I saw it as a distraction and lost count. I fail to see the big deal about her.

Apparently, the NFL and CBS felt it was necessary to gauge Taylor’s reaction to every play. Thus making it the longest game in Suprr Bowl history.

I don’t understand why so many people think she’s gorgeous :person_shrugging:


I’m sure it was encouraged by the NFL. It’s been said that the Taylor Swift effect has already generated $331M+ in revenue for the Chiefs and NFL since the whole circus began.

At best she is a Brittany retread. At worse she is a wannabe Kardashian.

Her voice and music is…meh.

i don’t understand why anyone cares?

It’s not about the Taylors … It’s about the Benjamin’s. The NFL understands, “Show Me The Money”

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OK and we should care…why? seems like a waste of time to do that conspiracy crap

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You took the time to reply! LOL :laughing:

Hey @Comtech If you’re old enough to remember, Taylor is named after Sweet Baby James. You can see the magic of them performing together on YouTube. I have a granddaughter named Dylan, and if you’re not sure why … the answer is blowin’ in the wind


She a no talent twit. The only reason I watch a bunch of overpaid jocks play football is for the commercials. She is irrelevant at best!

My party did a shot every time her face was on TV. We all passed out by the 4th quarter.