T95Z plus V12 Android TV Box Problems

This box is giving me fits. The home screen is ugly. And I don’t know what launcher I can get to set up a different looking home screen. Plus I can’t find how to add my usb drive or a little card. I can connect them but they don’t let me add any apps to them it said I could do all that stuff before I ordered it. Troy has been helping with this stuff for years, so I figured I better become a Patron. I can’t even find a good set up or instruction guide online.

That sounds like an allwinner and to be honest is one of the worst chips out there and I believe its android 12. With the progression of android they only get tougher to tweak unless its more well know like a buzz etc. I would just follow Troys basic setup guides and tame it down as best you can and get wolf launcher on would be a big help after that just grind away. Its stock android with zero certs so it will be best as a iptv streamer and maybe kodi…and dont bother with netflix type of apps.


If you can, return it - Android TV Box Malware - The Dangers of Cheap Streaming Boxes

Sadly they advertise these boxes as the latest, fastest box but are never properly supported.

There is another thread here for this device and a few posted that they have no problem with this box