T-Mobile 5G Internet

This is new to me and just wondering if anyone here has tried it? I have a friend that has it and loves it so much he cancelled xfinity. He claims 200-300 dl all the time and upload never lower than 20!!! all for $50/month…no contracts, no data limit… His only drawback is that it didnt support 2.4 wifi and I wonder if that can be accomplished with an external router.


I’m pretty sure it has 2.4 as i have a few friends that have it and they have devices that only work on 2.4. If not there is no reason adding a router wouldn’t work. The T-Moble modem would have to have an ethernet
connection to work.


Thanks, I saw a youtube vid where the guy said no 2.4 out of the box.

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The gateway’s wireless network operates on three different bands or frequencies—2.4GHz, 5GHz Low, and 5GHz High—and each operates on a different default channel. I have the T-Mobile Gateway home internet Best I have ever had and only $50 month with auto pay


I agree totally never had better suited than with t mobile internet. And it does have 2.4.


Never had better speed.


Interesting… watch out xfinity…i’m watching :beers:

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I tried it for a month+ this past summer.
My experience:
-I got 60-80 mbps down & 30-50 up for about 3 days…and then nothing to 30 down for the rest of the month.
-I was told by the sales lady that if 5G wasn’t available the the LTE network towers would automatically kick in…and those should give from 25-30 mbps reliably. That was incorrect.
-After many trouble shooting calls (and after awhile I asked to speak directly with their engineers as I hold a degree in physics, they don’t make the real trouble-shooters available at all) in which the CS whose English was their 2nd or 3rd language AND most often either lied or gave bullsh^7 explanations, a customer relations VP contacted me.
-The VP finally gave me the truth after he dug into my situation.

  1. I’m in a small city located with the foothills of the Appalachians on three side of it. My house was in a null region between towers. (Classic Huygen’s wave interference case.)
  2. TM had no plans to add any more 5G towers around my city. That contradicted nearly every CS person that I had called.

My take: The service probably is great around large cities in flat terrain along with a growing population where it’s profitable to install enough 5G capabilty to make $50/month profitable.


My friend tried T-Mobile and when the cold weather came in there was trouble. MY friend; lives in Fredericksburg, VA. The 5g tower is about 5 miles from his house. He promptly got rid of T-Mobile
and got the internet from Cox for 49.99 a month.


Our closest 5G tower is literally 0.7 miles from our house, but on a hilltop.
I really wish that TM’s service had worked out because I do hate dealing with xFinity…though xFinity has seemed to be getting more interested in customer service recently.

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I checked out xfinity 5g, which is $25/month, but got slow numbers. 26 down and 7 up.
I have been using it for a few days and streaming seems fine.
Just not sure I would want that speed on all my devices.

Is anybody having trouble using t-mobile home internet with Tivimate or surfshark or and other streaming services? thanks LB

I have Tmobile Home Internet, Surfshark and Tivimate and am not having any issues. Stremio is also working without issues for me. What problems are you having?