Synology NAS with an Android box

I’m new to this forum so please excuse any redundancy in my questions:

I have a H96Pro+
(CPU: S912, ROM 16GB, RAM 3GB, OS Android 7.1) expandable via SD card to 64GB max
with 4 USB ports.
My movie collection is currently sitting on 365GB.

What would my learned friends’ advise:
Connect 4 HDD drives - 1 for movies, 2nd for Music, 3rd for Photos and home videos etc or connect a Sinology NAS? Will the Hp6Pro+ work with a NAS?

I would ideally like to access all the multimedia from any device on the home network and if i download a movie on the PC, be able to store it directly on one of the HDD’s connected to the H96 Pro+.

I think I might have to install an Emby server on all my devices to get this to work, unless the NAS will take care of it.
Using a NAS will I still be able to see all my multimedia in Kodi?

Your advice would be appreciated.


I use a Synology DS718+ (2 bay) and have 2 x 6tb drives but I use it as SHR (Synology Hybrid Raid) giving me a total of 6tb as 1 drive is a redundancy drive, so if any of the drives fail I lose nothing and just swap it out with a new drive. I have folders created for movies, music and photos etc. I use Plex on my Firestick 4K for my movies which works great and you can also setup the Plex media folder within Plex to view via Kodi as well. The good thing with Synology it comes with Plex media server and you can manually update it when a new version becomes available to which it notifies you when it is available. I tried the DS Video from Synology but didn’t like it. You can also download straight onto the Synology if you like by mapping the drive and setting it up with whichever download software you use.


Thanks for your prompt response. I will take it under advisement and do some more research.
Appreciate your help.


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