Synology NAS recordings with Tivimate on Shield

I cant get Tivimate to record to my NAS. I have mounted the folder on the Shield, it shows up in Tivimate but when trying to select it, it says ‘Failed to change recording folder’
I have also tried every way I can think of to connect using the SMB option. I can set the folder path but the recording indicator comes on for just a second and then goes off.

Are you using the IP? Do not use names on start.…<<<that type format

Yes, I tried that way AND the names too. with and without SMB:
Made sure I allowed the app to access the NAS from the Shield. It seems like its close. the recordings show up under recordings but they are empty.

do you have xplore file manager?

yes I just installed it

give xplore full permissions and use the lan setting to setup(find) the nas. It has a scan function to look for it. Then input whats required. Also make sure samba switch(same page) is correct(1 or 2 etc.)

after setting that up, go back to tivimate and direct it to the nas

That did it. Initially there was no change, but I went back to the system picker a couple times trying to switch to the NAS folder it was there but not selectable. After the 3rd time or so it became selectable. Also weird thing is it wouldn’t let me use the folder I had created on the NAS it made me create one from the picker. It looks like its good now. Thanks for your help!


Just verify the recording is going where you want. Do a test …if its not big issues can happen. congrats

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