Syncler Vendors for Beta V2

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Provided below is an up-to-date list of Syncler Vendors which are now required for use with the new Beta V2 release. Syncler is one of the most popular streaming APKs available for the Fire TV Stick and Android TV Boxes. The stable version should be available sometime in the near future once the developer has…

LOBSTOR is a new provider for Syncler+ and offers a range of package installs for the new Beta as well as a comprehensive file for V1. The files are maintained and have undergone a lot of sanitization over the last few months making them far superior to the existing (old) sources. For example - the code to scrape certain sites is out of date in all cases. This means users do not get results from certain providers contained within these files and it just slows the search down. LOBSTOR is continually monitored and maintained to ensure the scrape is accurate.

My only problem with these packages. These tend to not pull correct links. I get say like Mr & Mrs Smith when I want to watch Tracker. I have to read the titles to make sure I get the right show and episode.
At least the Beta of Syncler lets you see the title and episode now.

Agreed - which is why i set up LOBSTOR. All the old providers are full of deadlinks and foreign filters clogging up the returns. I’ve spent a lot of time sanitizing the links and documenting what the plans are to keep on top of things. Beta does process the JSON files differently as Tracker - Equalizer - Spinning Out - Ghosts…. to name a few return all sorts of results. I have reached out to the dev to get clarity of what beta is doing with the JSON files compared to V1 (which seemed to return less spurious link from the exact same file)

Any word on the lobstor vendor results. It’s getting kind of annoying at this point. I thought it was working good for a minute.

Apologies. Too many forums to update. My main updates go on reddit. The syncler dev came back to me. It’s nothing to do with the vendor urls it’s officially a bug in beta. He now knows about it and it’s on the fix list. Nothing vendor url providers can do at this point. It also answered why many users reported seeing ‘improvements’ in the number of links found in beta… it wasn’t finding more, it was just finding spurious links on top of good links.

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I appreciate the response. Thanks for what you do. :pray::grin: