Syncler really of any use?

This has got to be one of the most confusing/useless apps I’ve ever used/paid for.
Tried downloading the express providing, tried with URL’s, tried with everything I can think of. Gone to insider for hints; all I get from syncler is a bug problem or the download failed. This is with and without my Nord connected. The only “links” that work are the netflix, prime etc that I already have. Tired of trying to get this to work, just going back to cat/mouse and write off the 20 bucks

I was having similar issues when I first started. I heard hood things so I kept at it, and deleted the add-on and started all over following Troys instructions to the T. (Including the web addresses for the packages). And it is now my favorite go-to place for all movies and TV. Works great. I can send you the specific instructions if you can’t find it. Just let me know.

Here you go,

I deleted the app yesterday…its not the old TVZion…pretty worthless

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Sorry, but I still regard this as one messed up app. Spent two hours with a fire stick and my computer trying to follow the troypoint instructions. Ended up with an installed app that has no place for a password, just an ID, which it says is invalid. But strangely enough it lets me log in on the computer. This app is just not worth the hassle involved in trying to make it work, I’ll just stick with cat/mouse. Would only recommend this to masochists.

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I totally understand your frustration because it is certainly NOT straightforward to get set up. However my experience mirrors everything [tobasco27] outlines above. After many attempts, following Troypoint’s directions to a T, I got it to work…and honestly it’s the best by a mile

I agree, a little trickier to set up. I initially passed on installing syncler after reading about the problems people were having. I gave it a shot one day following Troy’s instructions and after one redo, I got it up and running. The few dollars for a subscription are well worth it. It’s working very well, zero buffering thus far.

Thanks for the info, really appreciate all of them.
I paid for the + so it’s really irritating, but at this point I’ll just consider it a wasted payment. I have a lot of patience ( I restore cars and build model sailing ships) but this just isn’t worth it, not when I can get anything I want through Kodi, cat/mouse or cinema. I’m a retired ET but not into coding so it’s even more frustrating, and it’s just not worth the frustration. Maybe some day this winter when I feel like beating myself up I’ll uninstall it and try again. But for anybody thinking of buying this, forewarned is forearmed.

charon 13.5 - hate to see that you paid for the service and can’t get it to work. I think, for me, the big difference in my setup up was to ensure that when I was getting the packages set up, that I copied and pasted the website that troy has in his instructions into the syncler website, then everything started working correctly. And as others have said, for the 5 or so years I’ve been doing the Kodi/Troy thing, this is the best access point I’ve used. Good Luck! (from another recently retired person!)

Thanks for the reply, but I think I’m going to relagate this to the same location on my to do list as my PT cruiser with a blown head gasket. In other words, when I get so tired of not beating my head against a brick wall (it feels SO GOOD when you quit) I’ll think about forgetting how frustrating it was.

I found it difficult at first when they gave you a few weeks free, all the installation, but since then a few pounds for months with no buffering is well worth it.

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If you do the instructions in the right order it’s fab. I kept doing it the wrong way around at first, really frustrating, but please keep trying and you wont regret it. I use one express code in my firestick and a different one on my mecool box. Could not have done it without Troy’s instructions, and the help from members on here.So thanks everyone, it’s my number one Apk to go to. At one stage i could’nt get any Real Debrid streams, but my subscription to Real Debrid had run out.DUH!!!.

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I used syncler sparingly for a couple of months but now it is my number one apk. It has outperformed every other apk I’ve used over the last 4 years. I find almost everything I search for and have zero buffering issues. It can be a little tricky to set up. Troypoint has tutorials to help.

I agree it’s not a peachy one for setting up, but overall It’s worth it. I sometimes have issues with a little buffering, but download always works and pretty fast. That said, I still find that Asgard in Kodi beats Syncler, and for free. I have serious buffering issues watching 4k movies in Syncler whereas it’s a breeze with Asgard.

I tried Syncler but found it didn’t find many links to streams, even with my Real Debrid account added. I ended up uninstalling it and continue to use the ever buggy Cinema HD.

@charon13.5 i go through setup in this video that is available to Founders and Patrons such as you.

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I have had the Syncler app up and running perfect for quite a while now on all 4 of my devices. My daughter and I love it. I just recently renewed for another year. ($15 for 1 year)
When I discovered it thanks to, I followed his instructions to the letter and have never had any problems. I love the fact that we get tons of links including 4K on the newer things and 1080p on mostly everything else. I paired Syncler + with my Real Debrid account and Troy’s recommended provider package and never been disappointed. For all of you people having problems I wish technology existed where I could just beam myself into your living rooms and help you set it up with no problems. :laughing:
I can only say don’t give up, especially you guys who have already paid for it…take a deep breath and start over on Troy’s Syncler installation article. Go slow its not a race and it should become clear where you went wrong before and hopefully in no time you’re enjoying this incredible app.

My 2 favorite setups out of the 4 I have this up and working on is a KM6 android box and a KM3 android box plus Gig speed xfinity internet and NordVPN. My other devices are a FireStick 4K and a Fire TV.
Syncler works perfectly on everything.
Good luck my friends. :crossed_fingers:
Now beam me up Scotty…

Here is Troy’s article again.

Please help troypoint . I followed all of the guide to install syncler and set up real-debrid on it but can’t set up package provider . Tried kosmos and then githubuser , failed to down load message on syncler?

I just realised it will not throw up too many streams unless you go for the Syncler+ option. I’ve since installed it again on 2 Firesticks and seems to be working well with loads of 4K streams coming in via Real Debrid :slight_smile:

P.S. The only provider package link that worked was the original one

the updated link did not work.

After buying plus version plus real debrid and following the setup guide provided I must say it’s extremely impressive.

I have kodi cinema all with real debrid but this setup is amazing. I’m not big on live tv I prefer my vod options and this is great. Low cost for cord cutting as well.

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