Syncler Provision App

I tried to download the provision app from the rapid app installer. Got it installed. Signed on for Syncler Plus and looked for the various Express packages. None showed anywhere on the app I installed. Instead it took me back to the tedious package installation page and asked for the urls. This is the reason I dropped Syncler in the first place. I’ll assume that I did something wrong, but what?

Have a look at this. It might help

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Follow the above guide. Works perfectly.


I am not getting the opportunity to click the provision tab at any point of the installation. After allowing unknown sources, the installation begins immediately and it installs the standard Syncler. And yes, I’m downloading the Provision installer app.


You have to install syncler first, then use the provision app.

Yeah. That makes sense. Back into the breach.

Exact same thing happened to me when I was installing the app on a new TV. And I know how to do it the hard way (just follow Troys directions to a T).

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Thanks. I got it done. Following directions takes all the fun out of it.