Syncler Provision App Tutorial

Originally published at: Syncler Provision App Tutorial

The Syncler Provision App provides an easy way to install external packages that are necessary to retrieve movie and TV show links. Syncler is one of the most popular free streaming apps available today but users get disgruntled with the package setup process. This is a modified Syncler Installer that allows users to quickly install…


Awesome to see this posted, I had it in the exclusive guide for patrons.

But this makes syncler provider installs so much easier! I highly recommend doing this. Also don’t have more than one installed in kosmos or express as it will make your search longer. All scrappers while intergrated with real debrid will pull the links it needs if you have 2 doing the same thing it pulls the same links causing lots of duplicates to be removed increasing wait times.

Also if you have orion you can add there scrapper to the list, but it’s only gotten with your account as it has a api attached.

Orion works with express and kosmos. If your using jacked up with orion your api key goes where you see orion api= take out there api and put in yours. This may need a manual install.


Can’t make it more simple, easy…this is the go to instruction on Syncler. :+1:

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I had it in the patron guide for awhile and pmed people about this, it really helps for the folks that aren’t technically involved.

Really glad it’s on the rai


Just wanted to say install syncler first, then setup real debrid, once that’s done then use your provision app.

Also these package providers are updated and maintained.

I have Squizzle - Ultimate installed in Express. I have nothing installed in Kosmos.

Are you recommending having just one package installed in either Kosmos or Express? With a total of just one package installed?


You can just have one in express, what I’m saying is only have a max of 1 in kosmos 1 in express. Typically one in express is enough, but one in kosmos can help. If you are using the express providers that’s all you need. Only one of them tho.

As they all pull links the search can take longer.

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Hello Members. I am just now looking at Syncler for the first time. I have been using Cinema HD for the longest time now. Would you recommend Syncler over Cinema? Also anyone know the link to the Provision App to install. I don’t see it on Troy’s post. I could be blind to


The apps you are looking for are on the rapid app installer and also look into stremio another great app

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Do you prefer Syncler over Cinema

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Definitely I use to be a big cinema fan then changed to syncler then stremio and they are my go to apps as far as I am concerned you don’t need anything else. Go Gators

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Thank you sir. Will give her a go asap. Appreciate your help

Any time for a fellow Gators fan👍let us know how you make out and if you need anything else

Nice. Always nice to hear from a Gators fan as well? Love my Gators Football and Basketball. Go Gators my friend


Might be a compatibility issue between bouncy and Surfshark. Got everything installed, RD linked with no issues (had to turn off SS), but with SS re-active, zero movie links found for any movie I try.
Found this as a complete settings for syncler. I am responding here because the fabulous help DRACO gave me last week. I HAD TO FACTORY RESET MY ANDROID. I think there was a bad rooted app in the system. Have a blessed day, DRACO.

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You are welcome sir.

That is i would say the standard guide, its what i use with a few tweaks, i had posted mine as well which is pretty much this, aside from a few things, the faster your cpu and ram for example the more Resolver threads

Thanka a good and enjoy!

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Yes love the provision install.Hey Draco can you give me a link of your syncler settings with tweeks? Sorry I am responding under this post. uh i wish there was a troypoint insider app. Why because this forum is so helpful and informative unlike that of reddit and discord. I found people unkind there unlike you.

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The guide posted above is pretty much what i use, but i increased my Resolver threads as i have a powerful box and use orion synced with rd as it finds things super fast, along with trakt syned.

Also you can use this fourm as an app on your phone.

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Sorry for he delay in response. Thanks I did not know I could use this app on my phone. I am using it on my android via the browser.