Syncler not pulling sources

Getting no results found while attempting to play anything. Anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix? Ty


Check your real debrid.


Do you have a Syncler subscription? Because “Kosmos Providers Bouncy” is down. You need “Express Providers Essentials” which you can only get with a subscription.

Is it down for good or just a short while?


Not sure, it does seem only express is working. I had no idea bouncy had issues, i never use it, i occasionally test it out tho. There isnt info regarding it right now.

I was told that one of the pay option has been cheating people out of there subscription, which one does one use to purchase a syncler+



Cheating you how? Your best option is to get crytpo and pay that way on synclers website. I cant vouch for the resellers.

On YouTube some people are saying after payment the first choice never sends you the activation code, what did you use to get the code to activate syncler+

I do find it strange that the free option is down but the paid version works. I think most people, like me, are just fine with the free and have no need for the paid. I know it isn’t costly but these guys need to find ways to bring in the money to keep going. Just saying…

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Only buy from syncler, they setup up on how to get the key its not a scam. I have done it 3 times now.


The free version has nothing to do with syncler. Bouncy is the issue not kosmos or syncler. Some are not having issues others are which leads me to believe the dev of bouncy is having problems.

The other free one isnt nor is orion or any of the express scrappers.

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I tried to by syncler and it would not let me , kept pressing join and nothing happened .


You need to go to their website. You need a crypto account to buy drom syncler.

We are getting off topic, there is a guide to setup coinbase.

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