Syncler issue getting links

I have successfully installed the Sincler app. Everything looks fine, yet when I try to play anything I get zero links. My understanding was that it was free to try until the end of this month. Should I go ahead and if subscribe to make the links work?


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Hello @tbraun0116 you must follow specific instructions in this tutorial for enabling packages and you must have Real-Debrid as well - How To Install & Use Syncler on Firestick and Android TV Box

I am using my Nvidia Shield and have a Real-Debrid account. I have tried 20 times to get links to no avail. I have installed and uninstalled and followed the directions to a T and have confirmation of my Real-Debrid account being recognized and received confirmation when I linked Express. Every time I still get zero links. I am ready to just give up.

I also have a Shield and it works great. Hate to say it but there’s a small mistake you’re making so triple check. It definitely works. Remember that code it’ll auto capitalize the first letter and you need it lower case. Possibly a problem.

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My experience is identical. I succeed in getting the app installed and Read Debrid (I’ve ever tried Premiumize as well) up and running…but no links. Because I have such respect for Troypoint and his great work I will come back to this app in a few weeks but for now I’m just fed up with it. I’m using my Beelink GT King

Hello @johnmoriarty15 I’m assuming you also installed the package through Express as the tutorial states?

Yes I did indeed. I should also mention that I installed it on my Ugoos AM6 with exactly the same results. I have it open right now and, under settings I can see that both my RD and Premiumize accounts are set up as OK with details attached.

Nevertheless I’ve cleared the data and started from scratch again. “RD installed; account appears to be working, and then my RD details” -so that would seem to be fine.

Under Express it tells me that 1 package is installed with a code and time/date of installation. So again that suggests that everything has been installed properly. But still “0 links found”.

I also want to say that in checking the Debrid Manager I can see numerous downloaded torrents ( I think??). I think they may be from my RD Cloud. Anyway they appear to play fine. Not sure if that’s in any way relevant

hi johnmoriarty15, I had the same problems with the links, and I’m sorry I don’t want to sound condescending as I truly only want to help, have you installed the stages in the correct order, as I was setting up my real debrid first, I must have done it about 5 times, then went back to watch Troy’s tutorial again and realised what I was doing wrong. Hope this helps. Thanks. Jimmy

I have followed the instructions to a tee. I use express package. It says express package installed. I still get 0 links. I want this to work badly. I am missing no steps. What do you put in at the part it says to add an url. I have put blah blah whatever it says

I use the NVidia Shield and experience this issue. I discovered that I had to reload the Syncler app again using Troypoint without uninstalling the Syncler app. For some reason that it is unknown, the file may have corrupted. I then proceed to follow procedure to activate my Syncler app. I made sure that the Express was in fact installed. Everything worked fine after that with no problem.

Hello @lesparky the reason updating he app worked is because they came out with a new version. Our link is always pointing to their most recent release so you will always get the most up to date file. Until they provide an auto-update feature, you would need to go into Settings / Applications / My Application / Syncler to determine which version you are on.

Three weeks ago I finally got Syncler installed correctly. Yesterday I accidentally deleted it. As I go back through the installation steps, when I get to “insert a
Provider file” which is step 6 on the instructions, and I am sure I’m putting it in properly, but now it won’t let me move forward. Has this part of the process changed in the past 3 weeks?

I finally got syncler working but it then said needs to update and it won’t as can’t find the file . Please can someone tell me how I update syncler step by step please .


Nothing has changed the install process is the same and I’m using s+ now. Make sure to follow the steps.

Make sure kosmos is installed and when you install a provider a code will pop up. Go to syncler/install put in the code and that github link.


If you have syncler installed and it needs a update you can just update with the Google store and you won’t lose anything.

The installer just gets it downloaded and installed. It’s the same thing if you where to download it from the store.

Do you have any third party iptv scrapers installed?
Like “Best”. Also you will need to install Real-Debrid or some other similar program