Switched over from Planet Diggz to Crewnique build, here's why

Since the debut of the Planet Diggz build, there has been much hype of what a masterpiece it is. And, to a certain degree, I would agree with that. If you like bells and whistles and an ease of using different skins/builds within the master build along with a working EPG, it is very unique.
But after using this build for many weeks and going from Matrix to Nexus and back to Matrix, I found I was using so much of my time trying to get the build to work correctly without either getting kicked out of Kodi, or getting an error message, “one or more of the items couldn’t be played…”. At face value, it looked great but fell short (in my opinion) in it’s reliability and and basic functionality (no issues with add ons playing TV shows or movies without flaws) for a person that just wants to watch what I like. It seemed like I was spending more time fixing than time enjoying.
So I switched to the Crewnique build and have had absolutely zero issues with it. All my shows and TVs play flawlessly and I don’t have to read through a support forum for an hour a day just to try and have add ons work as they should.
This by no means, is a slam on the PD build. But for me, it is simply not something that I want to spend hours on in any given day, in hopes the build will function as it was created to do. Mr. Diggz is extremely talented and I am sure that for those folks that play around with Kodi as their main hobby, it’s right up their alley.

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Okay, builds are not recommend for firesticks. And these builds are exactly the same. As long as you can input real debrid builds are honestly irrelevant.

But thats my opinion on the matter. However the fact is builds take up more resources then single addons. Some builds probably run better than others.

The best experience with kodi is seren and crew with rd.

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I have a 3rd gen Firecube, so it has plenty of RAM for proper app functionality.
I think that is why this Crewnique build works so well because the main video addon is The Crew. Coupled with RD, it’s spot on.

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Great review and opinion. The kodiverse is very widespread with so many options. Its great to hear the good and the bad with builds. :+1:


That is very subjective for you to say that @TP-Dracoo. I have “another Best experience” with KODI and I’m sure if you ask 10 others you might get 10 different answers. Anyway I won’t turn this into a Shi% Storm - Just saying :rofl:

Which is why i said in my opinion. I also dontike builds when others do. Don’t understand why you are quoting me when you didnt quote the full msg.

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