Swift Streamz problem ** Possible repeat

I just posted a new topic about a problematic swift streamz that will not update on my firestick 4k but did on my 4k Max.

I don’t see it but if it’s there, please remove this redundant post. It gets to update and just won’t do it, evening going to the actual site that indicates the new version is 2.3, not 2.2

I have thought about side loading it from my phone but considering it shows up a virulent I am just not comfortable with taking that chance.

Has anyone else had this problem? Perhaps the servers are over loaded but have been for two days on this device. Any help or insight from other users would be great.

Thank you


Good morning

I think you have replied to the wrong post. VPN safety dot works fine but I am talking about the Tv app called Swift Streamz. Thank you however.

Update on this issue in the event that anyone else runs into this problem.

I installed Chrome and it was able to download the apk for this app when Silk would not so it seems to be browser related. I then installed the APK using Es File explorer then deleted the APK’s to conserve space. This worked even though the program is under suspicion from Defsquid. The app is quite diverse and the number of TV stations available is numerous.

I just wanted to leave this here. Have a great day everyone who reads this.


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