Surround Sound Streaming

A search here shows that surround sound has been touched on in several topics but certainly not in depth.
Recently, I upgraded from an old (2002) RCA avr from Radio Shack to a refurbished (cheaper) Denon 5.2 avr. The RCA had no HDMI ins or outs, and only had Dolby ProLogic capability. I had to connect the FireStick 4K directly to the TV and use an optical out on the TV back to the RCA. Now I can plug the Firestick directly into the Denon, set the Firestick audio out to Dolby Digital, and the Denon defaults to DTS Neo:6 mode.
Whereas the Real-Debrid streams on Cinema used to show audio info, I don’t see that anymore. Real-Debrid streams on Kodi DO show audio info such as DD, 5.1, etc.
Would other members please comment on their AVR settings, streaming device settings, apps/add-ons, stream sources, and in general what is available regarding surround audio sources.
Thanks to all.

Already replied in the other thread, but for anyone who sees this one and not the other:

Amazon devices are not capable of passing through uncompressed audio streams. They say they are “Dolby Atmos compatible”, but the catch is that they will only do Dolby Digital +. DD+ is a scam and is still compressed audio. What you are really looking for is TrueHD. Look for a stream that has that, make sure all your hardware is capable, and make sure that Kodi is setup correctly for 7.1 and passthrough audio.

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