Surfshark VPN thoughts

I found Troy’s review on SS very insightful and thorough. I was considering trying SS out, BUT, the deal breaker for me was the incompatibility with Real Debrid, as Troy pointed out it would be with many RD users. Access to Real Debrid is a must have for me, when considering a VPN and other software that utilizes RD. SS being incompatible is very disappointing, considering the great price and other features SS has to offer.

I hope that SS finds a way to solve the Real Debrid issue. Once they do, I for one will try out their service. Until then, they will miss out on a lot of potential customers. I hope they realize that, and maybe those in the tech industry like Troy, can express that to them!


Pretty sure you buy with ss turned off then once synced turn it on and you should be fine.


I use surfshark with RD without issues.

There were a few that mentioned RD does work with SS. @TXRon was one and couple others. I use SS but not RD so my 2 cents is a moot point. Lol. I really like SS though…been so good since I subscribed and they updated things. Seems to be getting better and better IMO

Interesting. Thanks for your responses. Guess I’ll contact SS to see what there response is regarding compatibility with RD

Its not surfshark who has the issue. RD requires vpn to be off to make payment. I never turn the vpn off of my box. Only pc to pay. Not sure why but I do know many financial groups dont like vpns.


I reached out to SS, asking them whether their VPN worked with Real Debrid, and this was their response:

“Unfortunately, at the moment Surfshark is not uncloked with Real Debrid.”

So, from what I can gather, even though RD may appear to work as indicated by some users, it sounds as if you may not be getting the full protection of SS. I’d be very cautious believing RD actually does work. If SS says it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work for whatever reason.


Regardless, rd has encryption on their end as well. All you have to do is turn it off register to rd then turn it on. This appears to work for some. Worse case is get a supported vpn, but rd has protections which your isp wont get btw.

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Having to turn off your VPN to pay for RD, is nothing new. I’ve had to do that with my VPN, when I renew RD. Seems that is not unusual, when you’re using a VPN.

What doesn’t make sense, is that if SS was able to work with RD, why wouldn’t SS advertise that their VPN DOES work with RD??? That would be another positive selling point to promote SS. SS has said along with others in the industry, that their VPN doesn’t work with RD. So, why would we believe otherwise? There are many layers and protocols when transmitting data in a VPN.

I would be very cautious to say ‘Everything is working’, when the programmers who created the VPN, says that their app is not compatible. After all, you shouldn’t gamble at protecting your data!


It is classed as a ‘non-cooperative‘ VPN, but it still works perfectly with Real Debrid, as the site itself has confirmed.

Does Surfshark work with Real Debrid? Answered! - VPN Compare


I get it, rd has a combatablity list. But sometimes you have to take things with a grain of salt… use free trials and test for your self. Others say it works others have issues. Always use a trial and test to come up with your own experience. I cant speak for ss about selling points thats not my area nor will i assume otherwise. Some of the vpns on there no fly list do work. Trial and error my friend.

Anyways cheers.

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Yes ive been using ss for a couple of years never had a problem with real debrid

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Had Surfshark for about a year and a half.
No problems connecting with anything.

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Never a problem… Very effective…

Yeah. After rereading the reply from SS again, it seems they might be referring to the payment process, possibly, when they say “uncloaked”.

Thanks for everyone’s input. I’ve been using Express VPN, and was considering making the switch. Big difference I see is SS allows unlimited connections at one time. Express only allows 5, I believe.

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Been using SS for about a year now with rd - didn’t know there was an issue.

Troy just released a notice in his recent Troypoint newsletter. He previously stated that RD didn’t work with SS, but, said that it DOES actually work.

I will probably switch from Express to SS when my subscription expires, as I don’t like the limitation of only allowing 5 things connected at once on a Express. Other than that, though, Express is a very reliable VPN, also.

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Hmmm. I’ve been having problems with my ExpressVPN and have been working with their tech ppl to resolve the problems. Sudden disconnects. The VPN literally would just go ahead and block my network throughput, similar to a kill switch but I’ve never enabled that. Sometimes it would just completely shut down. Then I find out it isn’t compatible with Chromebooks( their words) and that’s the first I’ve heard of that. I subscribed for 1 Year unfortunately. They did release 3 updates in the last month which helped. My cost for a year was $128/cdn. Next year I’m going with Proton.