Surfshark VPN stops my internet connection

I have had surfshark VPN for about a month, everything was great until yesterday. The Internet on my Televisions was cut off, the only way to regain Internet connection to the television was to remove Surfshark VPN. After the removal of Surfshark VPN my television regained connection with the Internet. Is there any help, because I have subscribed to long subscription.

sounds like a kill switch was activated. Try setting up the vpn with the bypass set up to allow/disallow. With a basic setup and kill switch it will block everything if vpn is down.

I agree with TXRON, you lost your SS connection it turns off your internet connection. Just turn on your SS connection.

There is a feature in settings that if activated will disconnect your internet service if the VPN connection is lost. Go into your settings on SS and turn that feature off if you don’t wish to use it.

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