SurfShark VPN connections

Two questions.
First, is there a way to have say the VPN connected to Detroit, but have the location closer to my local area so I can get home games that are not in those areas that I am connected to?
Second, I read that Surfshark is not the best for torrenting. So if I use Cinema app and the list for real debrid says torrent in the link. Am I secured ok for that? Or is that just still just pulling from a stored debrid site and not the actual torrent site?

Surfshark works fine with torrenting etc. I use it with stremio without issue(and cinema).

edit…not sure I understand the 1st part of question. still my 1st cup of coffee :grimacing:

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What Ron said on the Stremio/torrent stuff…me too. And also not understanding your 1st part but will take a SWAG…the only control you have with the Detroit servers is you can connect/reconnect to however many there are. The individual servers are not shown like with IPVanish. All you can do is click on Detroit & connect to server xyz…watch…click on another one…rinse & repeat.

Just play around with it & see what happens…GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

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Trying to not get myself banned lol. So a little vague. Here goes again. If I am connected to Detroit server. How can I get my location to be say Colorado Springs if there is no Colorado Springs server. That way I can watch local Colorado Springs TV/Sports
Even though I try to pick the closest location and there is none.

The channel selection is going to depend on your IPTV/streaming service for live channels. The location you set the VPN should have no affect on that.

I think I understand what is being asked. They want to be connected to a vpn server in Chicago and make it look like they are in Say Kansas so they can watch the local sports team. SS can’t do that, what it can do is have your home IP look like it is the VPNs IP address. No idea why you wouldn’t choose a vpn server closest to the teams broadcast or go to one of Troy’s best free sports sites to get every available game wherever you want.

What app would cater the channel list based on location? Obviously using an antenna for local channels is one way, but you wouldnt need SS for that.

Any VPN you can choose a server closest to any sporting event you want to watch. A VPN helps to bypass geo blocking. Also as I suggested, read the following. It isn’t an app, these are URLs accessed with, for me, the Silk browser on my Max.

My fault. My IPTV service has all of the games across the country available so I’m not very familiar with this method.

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It’s all good. The Kodi apps seem to hop and skip during the games. No matter what app I use. Plus with The Who ustvgo didn’t know if that would pull local. I have 100Gb connection with SS connected. Just was seeing if there was a better way. I will play around with it more.
Didn’t want to spend more money on a antenna. That’s why I cord cut to save money lol.
Thanks for the input people. I appreciate it

If you felt comfortable enough to get a paid IPTV service, they are very low cost vs what you get and would likely solve your problem.

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Using the Silk browser on a 4K Max firestick you can access all those free sites Troy listed and watch any game anywhere that is being broadcast.

Under “All” in the listings, search for “Colorado Springs” and see what comes up. One of them may be carrying your game/TV news item??

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