Surfshark version

My FS max is using SS v2.8.2.10. I’m getting a notice that this is an old version. Went to the TP toolbox and downloaded what’s there and got the same version.

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On my nVidia Pro I have SS v.

Yea, my Shield updated to .11 and other boxes only to .10.


Thx. You got your version from the toolbox?

No, I believe I downloaded it from the SS website…I think?

I was able to use the “update” prompt on the Play Store to get the Shield updated. The others, I used the APK from SS website.

I keep getting update now on my 4k firestick too. Version Says downloading, I install, it’s not updated , also tried tool box but it’s only Don’t know what’s going on

If surfshark has a critical update they will push it to you for manual update if not so critical they will allow your repo to update when it gets around to it.


My Mecools just updated to version Odd my Shield was on, and the KM6s went from .10 and skipped .11 to this new version.

New version = new advertising!:sunglasses::sunglasses:

After playing this update game unsuccessfully on a couple devices, I found the easiest way to get to was to just completely uninstall the existing version. Then I installed from the Play Store. Took about 2 minutes from start to finish…


Kinda stinks to put back all your defaults and settings, but not bad lol.

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