Surfshark streaming problem

I have used ExpressVPN with no issues when it comes to streaming. I would like to migrate over to Surfshark because of the lower price and unlimited connections.

That being said, I lose streaming connections after about 10 secs. when I use Surfshark. Can’t figure out why. Have no problems with ExpressVPN!

My phone is a Pixel 6, and I experience the same problem on my MacBook Pro! What the h*ll, Surfshark?!!! Do any of you have a suggestion to fix this problem?

Are you talking about a non verified or a verified streaming service? For this answer in going to assume your talking about a non verified. I have tested and played with quite a few vpn services myself. Your best bet is to play with different locations and protocols. I have learned that selecting the same settings with different service can have crazy different results.

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No. I’m talking about streaming a radio show with a browser, or listening to a stream with an app downloaded from play store.

I’ve tried changing protocols, changing DNS IP addresses as recommended by Surfshark, turned off location services also recommended by SS, just to mention a few.

My stream will stop after 10-20 secs. It not only happens on my Android Pixel 6, but also on my MacBook Pro. I used Express VPN before and have no problems with it.

The only other thing I can think of is some apps/ websites don’t like vpns and won’t work right. Lots more sites know surfshark VPN ip addresses than express

If the VPN was at fault, you would think it wouldn’t work for 20 seconds in the first place. What happens when you turn the VPN off?

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When SS is turned off, things work fine. When I use Express VPN, I have no problems at all.

It’s got to be a setting in SS that’s causing the issue.

The main settings that come to mind for SS that may have an impact on this would be Ad-Guard and the Killswitch. I would try both off or a combination of on/off to see if that makes a difference. The other thing that worked well for me was instead of setting “Automatic” protocol, actually select the Wireguard. Don’t even give it a chance to think about using OpenVPN.


Ok. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

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