Surfshark Shared Directory

I have a different problems with surfshark that I didn’t have with ipvanish. The one most irrating is i have a netwok of three computers (window 10) that i have shared directories on. With Shurfshark on, kill switch on sometimes i can not access another computer shared directory.

I get a pop up that wants me to enter user a name and password. I am unable to come up with any password or user name to log into the shared computer.

I turn off Surfshark, and i am able to get into any shared directiry on any of the computers or USB on the router.

I’m having this issue. I never had this priblem with ipvanish. I changed to surfshark because of the greedy people that wrote the free green dot app. in hindsight i would have just kerp ipvanish and used the green dot free app. that someone on troypoint has written.

Any help will be appreciated.

Have you tried contacting SS Customer Service? It’s their app and it appears you have found a glitch in their coding. They just might be interested in that and provide you a solution.

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Actually, i have not.

Thanks, i will give that a try

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Yes, i have contacted Surfshark.

They are just giving me the run around.

I just turn off the VPN when i need to get into a shared directory. SS also blocks me from my shared printer.

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