Surfshark server dissapeared from South Africa

Surfshark has no servers available in South Africa or even southern africa.? Surfshark support desk has no answers other than their server supplier is doing maintenance. Paid for service that is unacceptable.

If they are doing maintenance, as it appears they told you, then this is common in the VPNverse. All top VPN suppliers will occasionally shut down a server farm for upgrades, maintenance and additions. It’s usually just a few hours or one day at most. Switch to another location for now.


Hi there, I think the issue is more sinister than that. The South African server has been unavailable for weeks and their closest country available to South Aftrica is Nigeria. I have formally engaged with Surfshark support and they have no satisfactoy response. It appears that Southern Africa is not a priority and their country list does not show any alternatives. Surfshark advertising on the WWW clearly states South Africa as a location. :frowning:

I don’t know what you expect us to do is surfshark is unable to help. Look at other vpns then.


Currently as of today, Surfshark is not working for me in the USA. Nothing at all. Thankfully I have IPVanish and that is working, but SurfShark has been a big disappointment and I will not renew their services. Just not a reliable VPN.

I’m in Florida and my surf shark is working perfectly. I haven’t had one problem since I got it :v::sunglasses:

Maybe Xfinity here in Virginia, but I have opened it and tried numerous settings and it shuts down everything. Force Stop it and then connect via IPVanish and everything is working as normal. This has been and on going situation with SurfShark since I installed it months ago. Will play around with it some more and if no help, contact SurfShark and see what they suggest.

I would contact their customer service department I haven’t had any experience with them but have heard other people have had good luck with them.

imho the issue sounds on the user side and not server side. I’ve used surshark for years with no issue like that ever and as far as states go that shouldnt be an issue as my best connections are out of state.

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Check your protocol setting. If set to automatic, change it to Open. My isp doesn’t work well with wireguard or Ike.

Not on user side. I have tried every protocol they allow, no help. I have updated several times, no help. But IPVanish works when SurfShark fails each time. Massive buffering, connection issues with multiple cities that are all around me.
Right now $$ have been wasted with SurfShark.

Hi, I beg to differ with you, I have surfshark and South Africa is on my list

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