Surfshark/Real Debrid Issue

I was reading another post of someone having trouble seeing Premium links when using Surfshark with Real Debrid. AMD327 posted a link (Real-Debrid: All-in-one solution) to check if your VPN is compatible with RD. I tried that link on my Windows laptop running Surfshark (SS). RD returned the following message: Your ISP or VPN provider IP address is currently blocked on our website, please contact the support. I was connected to Latham.
I tried connecting to the Buffalo VPN SS server, same message.
I connected to the Detroit SS server, and then RD reported: Your current IP address is whitelisted on our website. Your VPN provider seems to be Surfshark.
I then switched back to Buffalo, and RD was happy.
Switched to Latham and RD was not happy.
Switching again back to Buffalo and RD was still not happy.
Switching again to Detroit and RD was happy again.

It appears that SS may or may not be RD compatible depending upon the server at a given time. I have occasionally noticed this on my Firestick as well when using Cinema or Cyberflix. Sometimes, no premium links show up. If I change SS servers to a different city, then premium links show up.

Have any others seem similar behavior?

Surfshark shark is compatible with rd… stay on the server that works… you only need the vpn to encrypt your data. So stay on the server that works dont change it.

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Thanks for the reply. That is what I’m doing. I was just wondering why some SS servers always work with RD, some intermittently, and others not at all. It just seems strange.

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