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About $60 buck for two years, plus two more. After the 26 months automatically charge $12.95 a month. What if I don’t want them to start charging me? Apparently they keep my card on file? Would a walmart prepaid credit or debit do the job? I am not sure what to do. I’ve had iptv and other thrid party services for several years and have never been throttled.

They are a legit company and always played straight with me. To avoid going reg price just watch for promos during the year and snag one and you will never pay full price. They will just add that onto current sub.


Hi, I have VPN vanish. It runs out Aug 22. If i pay for the next 2 years ‘offer’ on now, will it recognize my current subscription is still valid and start my new 2 years subscription in Aug 22. Or will my new 2 year subscription kick in as soon as I pay for it, eg if I pay today.

Does anyone know when the current Vanish 2 year subscription offer ends. Thanks

I do believe the offer from IPVanish is for new subscribers only. If you currently have IPVanish, you are not eligible for the discounted offer.


Most of these companies after signing up want you to keep paying after the initial 1 or 3 years or which ever you picked. You can pay for the 2 years and select non occurring payments I do believe. This is what i do, after my 2 years or so is going to end i cancel my re occurring payments let it run out and talk to my current vpn for a better offer or i talk to others. I dont like how they dont help long term customers.


Those are probably the top 3.

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Thanks TXRon. Good advice.