Surfshark Problems on Computer & Tablet

I am having a plethora of problems with Surfshark on the above devices don’t if this is the right forum to get help but I can hit the lottery quicker than I get answers from the Surfsark help section. The browsing speeds on my mac & tablet are horrible and as I write this it’s turned off to type this. It takes forever to get responses from them and I’m unable to log in to their supposed Live Chat section. I’m about to cancel my new subscription. Not having any probs with them and my firestick. Advise a brother, please.

Have you run a speed test? Tell us more about the protocol, location, etc that you use on these devices.

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Seems when my w10 desktop updates windows, some sites will not open unless I pause surfshark. That is a bad thing as you do that to the wrong site, and you may be in big trouble with the tv/movie police. Was much worse when I had their other company Nord.

Are you using Wireguard protocol?

Surfshark is automatically using using Wireguard protocol as I just looked in the settings. Have done nothing with surfshark except make sure it loads on logging in. I read up at cnet about issues with Wireguard protocol.
Should I disable it?

Try manually switching to opvn and see if that helps. Turn off automatic picking

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As @TXRon suggested. Try switching to open VPN. Now SS says UDP is faster than TCP.

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It will likely take some experimenting of protocols and server locations to see what works best for your network/device. Use a speed test (analiti, speed test, etc) and do some testing. Try New York server, see what that spits out.


First thing I do is do a speed test with and without surfshark to determine if indeed it is the vpn. If it turns out to be the vpn , I have had good luck contacting them to troubleshoot.

Laptop: Dell Insprion 1706
ISP: Spectrum 500 Dn
Connection: WiFi, Protocol: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Network Band: 5 GHz
Speed Test: 327.15 (avg)
VPN: Surfshark v.4.7.1
Settings: (See attached)