Surfshark not hooking up on Android Tv

Installed Surfshark on my Sony Bravia 2021 tv which has Google tv shows it working when you look at the app, but when you go to the input on settings and check network it shows that I am still hooked up to the same wifi as usual. Is there away to make the tv system go through Surfshark. I am on bell fibre and I am not a wizard with computers but I get by.

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Welcome! If it’s a built in Google TV app into the tv OS, try split tunneling in SS and run that Google TV through the VPN as it may be bypassing it at the moment. Good Luck!

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All paid apps need to be bypassed by the vpn.

Thanks for the info, yes it is a built in Google tv . But what is splitting the SS tunneling the tv?

This should help give you a little insight and explain how to accomplish it. You can chose to only route certain apps through the VPN which is what I do

Great, the page explain everything thank you so much :blush:


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