Surfshark login issue

Does Surfshark have a phone number to speak to a person?
Trying to log in using email address and password, but keep receiving message that email or password is invalid…
Trying to activate surfshark on new Walmart Onn device.

Thank you

If you have SS on any other device, it’s easier just to use the login code…Settings/My Account

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Not quite sure of how to do what you suggest…

I remember getting that message when trying login to SS using email and password. I was able to login flawlessly using the login code from a different device with SS. Like p-tech said, go to that different device and go to settings/My Account/login code in Surfshark. Then you will see some boxes that will accept that login code. Find the code on the SS setup page for the new ONN device. Plug that code into the boxes on the other device. Seemed a little foreign to me when I first did it, but it works perfectly and it’s obviously the preferred way to do it for SS. In fact, I just did that this afternoon on my new ONN device.

Thanks to you and p-tech for your suggestion…
Will give it a try.

This might help. Sometimes you have to use another device like phone or tablet to log on, not the tv you are on. When you type in the code they give you on the tv using your phone, the tv will then automatically start.

Thank you all…

I followed your suggestion and was successful.

This is all great, but what do you do when the email login doesn’t work and surfshark on the Onn unit is not giving a code to enter into your other surfshark device, such as computer or phone??

I guess you keep trying until it does give you the code, lol.