Surfshark issues

i have been using surfskark for about a week now. i find that it freezes a lot. u don’t have disconnect button like ipvanish. it’s good to have that after u have surfed the web

Just a thought! Instead of turning your VPN off, why not use the VPN Pass-through?
That way you will never forget to turn the VPN on because it will be there when you start up. I pass through Prime Video and Smart You Tube and they work great,

like i said ipvanish has that option but surfshark doesn’t

Surfshark has Bypass, the equivalent to Pass-Through. Turn Bypass on and select the apps you dont want to run through the VPN server.

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My only issue and it’s a small issue, Surfshark doesn’t have the “bypass” on the iOS.
Other than that small hiccup and I don’t really use it on my phone a lot anyway it works a lot better(smoother) than all the rest of tried.

Welcome! I’ve been using it on our iOS devices for a year and a half now and have never had a need for that. Everything loads and works great


SS does have this ability, Amd237 gave you the info how to use it.

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