Surfshark issue?

So, I upgrade to the paid vpngreenspot. I turned on surfshark and clicked on privacy check… the ip address was my normal unprotected ip address! And yet it said that “You are protected by a vpn network” I also ran an IP check software and it showed my unprotected ip address. Next test, I set up ipvanish and then in vpngreenspoot and ip check software and the ip had changed.

on my mac when i run surfshark it changes my ip address. but not onthe cube!


Did you try to run a check on the Surfshark connection? (on the Cube)

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Yes I did… and guess what with surfshark on it found that there were leaks!! Now I got really worried!!

So I removed the app, reloaded from Troypoint app… now all working!!! Phew

Glad it is working now, and thankful you were able to catch this. It is a lessen to us all to not just always assume it is secure and working…you know what they say about assuming…lol. Safety dot already paid for itself, and you have 364 days left on the sub. :laughing:

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lol thats one way of looking at it! And i was going to find if there was an alternative to sfety dot!

I guess there are always some very easy checks to make… reboot or reinstall probably solve 90% of problems!


Unfortunately, there aren’t really any programs out there like Safety Dot, but I feel like we will see new developers come up with similar software soon enough.

I heard TXRon and Miki we’re going to do it and make millions :laughing::laughing::tada::v::sunglasses:

It is a blessing I guess, as I would have been in blissful ignorance that even though i had a green spot my IPaddress was still being shown. If it were not for the various buttons to click ( who can resist clicking a button!) I would not have realised there was a problem

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