Surfshark is now blocking my IPTV

I have been using Surfshark vpn for a year. Recently it has started blocking my IPTV and I must turn it off to be able to watch. Sometimes if I direct it to a random country it will work but with a lot of buffering. I read that they may need to update their dns database to accept more addresses. Does anyone know how to work around this issue or how to correct it. Surfshark support is horrible and all they tell me is it’s working properly but it obviously isn’t!


Its actually possible your iptv provider is blocking the use of your vpn, id contact them and ask. I have zero issues with vpn and iptv, however it has happened where some didnt want it used i laugh and do it anyway, it might be some sort of cloud dns based blockage then your provider is using to block the use of vpn to use their service. Not saying they are but ask them. It does happen.


If you use surfshark by router you can change the provided dns servers. Yesterday I had issues(not blocking) and switched over to openDNS servers which fixed the issue. Surfshark does provide their own dns however .

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Have used SURFSHARK for two years. You can set it to activate on only the apps that require it. So do not set it for all apps, as many do not need it to work. Your IPTV app may need it to change location. Just make sure IPTV works without it first.

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