Surfshark is not allowing me to watch Netflix

I’m writing concerning a new problem I’m experiencing with Surfshark preventing me from watching Netflix. My Netflix is buffering exorbitantly. So much so that I can’t watch it. This is a new problem I’ve incurred recently. What’s your take on this issue?

vpn not needed with netflix

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If you did a search on here you would see that a vpn is not needed for netflix.


Keep VPN on, bypass Netflix app.

Welcome! by the way

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Just another good reason to buy a Surfshark VPN sub! lol

Just go into your settings and use the “By-passer” feature. You don’t need a VPN for verified services.

Hey Lawdog, welcome to the community! Have you tried connecting to a different server option? Usually, a server closest to your location will help improve speed when using a VPN.


I believe most of the paid services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc) will block any connection via an identified VPN.

Correct, some work some dont. But they are getting more strict and wont even allow you to use a vpn. The best course of action is to not use a vpn on paid legal apps. Bypass them.