Surfshark information leak?

Did anybody get a message about a leak/breach of Surfshark? Or know about one?

I got a message from surf shark telling me that my email and other information was leaked back in 2020 on Aptoide Data breach and found on the web and I should upgrade my surfshark to protect my data.

Was just a notification that they detected the email associated with your Surfshark account was found from another breach. When I checked the message, mine wasn’t compromised. I have a different emails for different things. Just some random marketing for their other security products.

Yup that’s exactly what it was

Ok. Cool. I also use a junk email. Just wondering. Didn’t know if it was a phishing thing to get me to log in.
I didn’t log in from that. Went to a different browser and logged in separately.
Thanks for the info.

Thats how we roll here in the Troypoint community, helping each other out👍