Surfshark dedicated ip

I received an email re surfsharks dedicated IP address, seems to be a good idea. Just wondered if anyone can think of any cons against getting one.
Thanks in advance


I just dont see the true benefits in paying extra for this. Especially just for cord cutting. Am open to hearing someone else’s opinion about it. Maybe I am not thinking of the advantages, but seems like it would be more beneficial to not always have the same IP address, like rotating IP on my phone.

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I ordered it but it doesn’t work with android/google tv. I had to get a refund as it only works with windows at this point.

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well that scuppers my plan thanks Criggy

I really dont think a dedicated ip would be worth the cost especially if you are trying to prevent buffering. Imho it would be for better suited like interactions with a bank or similar use.


thank you for your comment txron