Surfshark Dedicated IP Set Up on ONN TV Box

I just purchased the Surfshark dedicated IP add on and went through the set up on my PC and Samsung galaxy s21 FE. However, when I open surfshark on my Onn TV box it does not show an option for choosing (setting up) the dedicated IP. Has anyone figured out how to do this?

Well, I chatted with surfshark support and they told me dedicated IP is not available on anroid boxes yet.


Was that in their advertising? Will they at least refund you?

No it was not in their advertising. Also, as you read through the material they let you know that simply using the dedicated IP can provide less anonymity because the dedicated IP is attached to your email account. However, you can choose to (for lack of a better phrase) have surfshark delete your data from their system but you will have to set up the service on new devices manually with some special “keys” that they will give you. What I seemed to notice if you go this route, is it voids an option for refund.

Additionally, I don’t think it is all that necessary to run the dedicated IP on the firestick, Onn, or other such devices (at least for me because I do not surf the web on those). The normal VPN works on those devices the same as it ever did.

Hope this helps.

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We pointed this out a few weeks ago and pushed this out to our email list regarding not working with Android TV or Fire TV.


Oh I totally agree. I was just curious. I have absolutely no need for a dedicated IP on anything I have. Many years ago, yes, not now.

I don’t get on much here but I bought the onn Walmart device and looking for a video that shows me how to install correctly… I know troypoint has to have one

He does. Try the search engine on the insider first. That doesn’t work, Go to Google search for your device and put Troypoint in the search and that should bring it up.

Out of curiosity, Why do you need a dedicated IP on a streaming stick? Are you logging into somewhere that demands you have it? On a PC if you’re doing remote login to a work server, I understand it but on a stick?