SurfShark and YouTube TV

I recently signed up for SurfShark and I found out they have a problem with YouTube TV. YouTube TV stops working so I close SurfShark and it works fine again. I will not be renewing with them and will change to another VPN.


Split tunnel these paid apps… there is a tutorial for this.

Hey @bpn7rap Not the VPN’s fault…YouTubeTV just doesn’t like any VPN. Go into SurfShark & click on Features…below CleanWeb you’ll see ByPass VPN or Route via VPN…whichever one you’re using, toggle on or toggle off YoutubeTV. These options are SurfShark’s equivalent to “split tunneling”… :cowboy_hat_face:


I did not have any problem with YouTube TV with my prior VPN. I have done research and SurfShark has had complaints and they are the cause.

OK…then I’m mistaken…if that’s the case, are you still within the refund window with SurfShark? Out of curiosity, any particular reason for using a vpn with a mainstream app like youtubetv?

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I used to have a subscription with YouTube TV and it doesn’t work with Cyberghost either (as far as I can remember). But just recently, YouTube (not YouTube TV) no longer works in my Amazon Firestick if Surfshark VPN is active. I didn’t have such problem a month ago.