Surfshark and IPTV smarters

I just installed Surfshark VPN along with the IPTV smarters app. It interferred with my whole system. I couldn’t get into HULU. HULU thought I wasn’t ‘home’ to check in and watch live tv. Has anyone else had this issue with HULU working with Surfshark and IPTV smarters app. I had to delete them for HULU to work

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Hulu is a paid service that probably detected your vpn. you have to split tunnel that app or they call it Bypass, or turn the vpn off. But that defeats the purpose of a vpn. Nothing wrong with either. don’t think Smarters has anything to do with it. Hope this helps.

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I use the Live TV app on my phone…

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No, but if you are using Hulu as a paid service then I would try running it without the vpn. Maybe try launching the Hulu app and then turn on your vpn.

Like @Throttlejockey said, a lot of paid apps wont work with the presence of a vpn. Bypass just the Hulu app and it should be just fine. You could try and adjust some Surfshark settings to see if it would allow Hulu to run without it bypassed, but im guessing it still won’t. It cant be Smarters causing the issue, it likely is just a coincidence that occurred when you took off the vpn and it made Hulu work again.

I’ve had Surfshark for several years and it works very well. Make sure you go to Features-select bypass VPN-right under that start selecting apps you want to bypass. When you finish you should see the # of apps bypassed. I also have Hulu and am a paid subscriber -SS works great because I have bypassed it. Hope this helps…

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