SurfShark Alternative ID

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone here has created a Surfshark Alternative ID? If so, what are your thoughts on creating/using an alternative ID as oppose to creating/using an alias email address i.e., StartMail. Your thoughts on which option would maintain your privacy better would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.:blush:

I went with Protonmail as an alias email. Just in case I decided to not keep SS I still have that email.

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I’m wanting to if you can use a dedicated vpn for multiple devices any help with this…

I can only speak for SurfShark because that’s the only one I have used, but you can put it on multiple devices, PCs, browsers etc. with one account. Alternatively, you can also put the VPN on your router (if compatible) so any device connected to your router is protected. There is a thread on here somewhere about setting that up.

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I have a full Proton suite. Cloud storage, password vault, Dark web monitoring, E:mail end to end encrypted with all sorts of aliases, and of Course a vpn that I can put on up to 15 devices I believe. Cost me about $5 cdn/ mth for a 2 year prepaid plan. Lots of other benefits but still digging into all I can do. I love the Dark Web monitoring and password scanning not to mention password keys.


Thank you. I will look into Proton mail.

Thank you for your response.