Surfshark 3.3 android

New software update drops late 10/25. Changelog is vague to detail what the bug fixes were.

Hope this fixes some of the woes users were having.

I noticed that 3.3 just dropped on my Shield early this AM. I was still on 3.2 last night.

Nothing to really note just yet - haven’t really function tested much. Note, however, surfshark wasn’t giving me as many issues that many others were.

First speedtest appears slightly better than was I was posting with 3.2., but likely only due to expected +/- variances. Latency appears the same.

3.1working great and fast , will give it a few days to see how others react to 3.3. Also curious if there is any buffering problems with 3.3

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I didn’t notice any buffering issues during the hour or so streaming that I enjoyed with my coffee this morning. We’ll see if anything comes up.

I’ve still had the best speeds and success with version 2.7.3. Honestly, if 3.1.0 is working great for you and speeds are 50% or better of your speed profile, i wouldn’t suggest that you’ll ever need to update.

Can you believe this email reply from surfshark today….are they for real yes it was send to me today
Thank you for your reply. Hope you are doing great. :partly_sunny:

I appreciate your patience, however, we do not have any ETA on when the upcoming update will be released.

In the meantime, let’s try a couple of steps to see if it helps out with the issue.

Here are the steps on how to change the DNS on your Nvidia Shield TV:

The newest update did in fact fix the not connecting issues for me.

Wasn’t there people having issues with having killswitch on causing issues? Wonder if this got fixed?


Surfshark updated 3.3
connected - then drops, after a min or 2
reinstalled but same. Reformatted fire stick, Still drops.
anyone got solutions or get back version 3.2

Here ya go…

The latest release is available for quick install through the TROYPOINT Toolbox.

The download link for Surfshark is always pointing to the most recent stable release.

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Surfshark 3.3 still every now and then I have to force stop it, shut down the kill switch, then clear clean the cache on it but now I only have to do maybe once and get connected back to my playlist.

I have been using 3.1. From this down load link . Not one problem . It sounds like 3.2-3.3 May still have some bugs.